Norway is the land of magnificent fjords, majestic mountains and dramatic landscapes. It is a long, narrow country that shares borders with Sweden, Finland and Russia. Its coastline stretches more than 1600 km from the North Sea to the Arctic Ocean. In the winter you can go reindeer or dog sledging or go on snow mobile safaris.

Oslo, the capital of Norway was founded 1000 years ago at the head of the Oslo fjord. It is a lively and bustling modern city yet steeped in Viking heritage and traditions. The Norwegians manage to maintain their old traditions while providing some of the best aspects of modern society.
The compact town centre and the great concentration of activity create an atmosphere of intense living, which is Oslo’s greatest charm. There is a rich cultural life with several restaurants, theatres, opera, museums and places of interest to visit.

Bergen is known as “the gateway to the fjords”. A city with its feet in the sea, its head in the sky and its heart in the right place. Originally it grew up around its colourful Hanseatic harbour. Bryggen today remains virtually unchanged and has become a symbol of cultural heritage, gaining a place on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.