Winter Wonderland


A very different type of adventure awaits you! Brave the icy surface of the lake to go fishing, jigging and to set ice nets. Live in harmony with the environment in which one finds oneself, listen to the silence, breathe clean, fresh air and let your soul find its inner peace.

Winter wonderland in breathtaking arctic Sweden

In the evening, gather around the campfire and listen to stories of ancient times – tales in which Sámi mythology plays a prominent past. This is a journey into timelessness for the soul and mind. A very special trip, with experienced wilderness guide, a trip in which what is genuine and authentic will fill your mind and thoughts. Escape the stress of the city and experience stillness and silence – be one with nature and enjoy the freedom and clean, clear air. The trees are weighted down with snow, providing mysterious and mystical imagery. The Northern skies are brilliant with stars and despite there not being any actual daylight, the darkness is far from heavy. Instead the white snow, the stars and the Northern Lights illuminate the night.

Listen to the sound of silence amidst the snow and ice! Be reminded of the meaning of life. Imagine yourself travelling back in time, a thousand years. There is even a saying that Santa Claus/Father Christmas has his dwelling hidden somewhere just in this region, in the mountains and valleys, deep within the forest.

The magical Northern Lights – Aurora Borealis
Cold and clear winter nights invite you to an experience that you are not likely to forget so easily – the Aurora Borealis. Magnificent and magical colours move silently in an almost mystical way across the sky, in a blazing light.

The Ice Hotel
About 200 km north of the Arctic Circle lies Jukkasjärvi. Jukkasjärvi, literally translated means the “meeting place”, has been a crossroad and marketplace for half a millennium. The Ice Hotel is a giant igloo made of ice and snow. You sleep on ice beds (well insulated with several reindeer hides and a warm sleeping-bag), more cosy than you may think. You can visit the famous Icebar and drink out of glasses made of ice, and if you want, even enjoy a sauna bath under the polar skies.

The Ice Hotel offers overnight accommodation in double rooms and suites, it has a lobby, a pillar hall, a film auditorium and of course the famous Absolut Icebar – where people from all over the world meet to socialize till late at night. Construction of the unique Ice Hotel starts in November and in December the doors are opened to the winter season’s visitors. At the end of April or the beginning of May, the Ice Hotel closes for the season and with the advent of the spring, the sunshine begins to do its work and the Ice Hotel slowly but surely melts and returns to the river.